How your lifestyle and culture affect your overall health?

Our daily lifestyle and routine have a major role to play in maintaining our health and wellbeing. This can either impair your overall health or make your life more enjoyable and worth living. But either of these depends on how you determine to eat and function on a regular basis in order to keep yourself healthy. Here are the do’s and don’ts to follow a health tradition & culture and live a stress-free life. 

What to do 


Nutrition is the essential need of the human body and it has the power to leave short term as well as long term effects on your health. Taking your daily intake of nutrition is the primary way to prevent diseases and negative impacts.

Regular diet

Concentrating on good food, you should make a schedule to take your meals. Many people skip their breakfast in a hurry to rush for their work or delay their meals during the daytime. These irregular eating habits can cause severe health conditions like 

  • Indigestion
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • stress and more. 

Make sure you make a routine for your meals and follow the same schedule every day. 


Eating and exercising are integral parts of our lifestyle. Working out is as important as taking healthy diet. Make a habit of exercising for at least an hour a day as this may lead you to release excess fat and build a healthy body.

What not to do

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption can have negative impacts on your health and can cause chronic conditions by damaging your brain cells. It can leave unfavorable effects on all the parts of your body including dysfunction of kidneys, liver, respiratory system, and others. You should, instead, adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve mental and physical peace. 


Smoking and other types of tobacco consumption can lower the oxygen level in your blood and can cause irritation and other diseases. To live a healthy and long life, you must quit smoking and tobacco consumption. 

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