Follow the lifestyle to prevent heart attacks and strokes

If you have had a heart attack, you must be taking care of your health to prevent further heart attacks or strokes. You might be on supplements and taking them regularly but your lifestyle is the key factor in the prevention of the disease. The food you eat, activities you do and your entire daily routine can affect your health. You must change a few habits to keep your body fit and healthy and below are the ways that help you prevent future heart attacks.    

Stress on a plant-based diet

Plant-based diet comprised of plant leaves, seeds, and roots such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and have no animal food sources. Animal products can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack as they have cholesterol and saturated fat and this is why you should focus on a plant-based diet when you had a heart attack.

Choose low-fat protein

Try taking low-fat protein in breakfast such as low-fat dairy products, lean meats, skinless meat and poultry, fish, and eggs. These are all high in protein but make sure you make choices for low-fat protein.

Avoid unhealthy fats

Try not consuming saturated or trans fats because it can increase your blood cholesterol level. Relying on processed food, unhealthy cooking oils, cookies, cakes ice cream and other sweetened dishes and drinks can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Choose healthy fats that are present in olive oil, nuts, chia seeds, avocados, etc.

Exercise daily

Lose your weight if you find some extra kilos here and there on in your body. Indulge in regular exercising and ask your doctor to keep a check on your weight. You can join a gym or workout at home for a minimum of 2-2.5 hours a week. Also, do some active workouts such as weight lifting, swimming, and cycling if you have to lose weight. Losing weight will reduce the excess fat around your heart and keep you fit.   

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