Follow a healthy diet to maintain stable health during HIV

Eating right is a steady way to prevent further health problems when you have HIV. As you are already low on immunity that causes various problems, your body needs the right amount of nutrients to fight off the disease and prevent you from other health conditions. Here are the tips to balance your diet and take the right nutrients through your diet. 

Eat lots of fruits/vegetables

eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help boost your immune systems as they have antioxidants. Take fruits and vegetables to fill your meal with essential vitamins and minerals and meet the daily need of them. Try adding a variety of food so that you can have varied vitamins in your diets.   

Have healthy fats

If you consume too much unhealthy fat, you are more likely to gain weight. Increased weight can cause several health problems including heart diseases, diabetes, and more. Try incorporating healthy fat from sources like avocados, nuts, flax seeds, etc.

Reduce sugar and salt intake

Excess sugar and sodium can cause major health conditions especially when your body already struggling with immunity. Avoid taking food that is high in sugar and salt such as processed food, sweetened drinks, and other packaged items as these can be life-threatening when you are living with HIV.  

Choose whole grains

Whole grains are a rich source of fiber, vitamin B, and some of the minerals. Fill your meals with the right amount of whole grains like oats, brown rice, whole grain bread, and more. Fiber will help you remain full for longer and will help you live healthily.

Add low-fat protein in your diet

Low-fat protein helps you maintain the right body weight as you need it to balance your diet while you are suffering from HIV. Eat an adequate number of protein-rich sources such as eggs, poultry, lean meats, lentils, fish, and more. 

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