Change your eating habits to prevent kidney diseases

Kidneys have an important role in our body as they help extract the waste and fluids from your body. But if they do not work properly, these can cause major health problems related to bones, heart, and many others. No matter if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease or want to restrain your body from getting one, you must follow a healthy diet plan that can reduce the risk of kidney problems in your body.  

Nutrients that you should avoid:

  1. Sugar – Taking sugar in your meals and in between them in a large amount can cause severe health problems including kidney problems.
  2. Sodium – Sodium can be harmful to your kidneys and other body organs, you must avoid food that has loads of sodium. 
  3. Red meat – Red meat is high in saturated fats and you must avoid this with other animal proteins that are high in trans or saturated fats.
  4. Processed food – Processed food like chips, cheese spreads, and instant food has sodium and phosphorus in excess that can worsen your kidney condition. 

Follow healthily diet that include:

Low-fat protein – Go with low-fat protein such as fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, low-fat dairy products that help you take the right amount of protein without gaining excess fat. Avoid poultry and red meat that is full of fat.

Healthy source of carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are present in almost most of what we eat on a daily basis such as sugar, honey, whole grains, soft drinks. There are food items that are called a healthy source of carbohydrates that include fruits and vegetables. 

Make a diet plan – Consulting a diet plan and making a meal chart is important as per your body conditions. Healthy food has its own side effects if it is consumed without any limitations. It is best to check your overall health and kidney condition and ask your doctor to make a diet plan based on it.

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