What are Banana leaves? all you need to know

Banana leaves derive, as the name implies, from the banana plant. They are color big, red, dark green, and are commonly used in Asia. It has important significance in India. It is used as a plate for serving food or conducting rituals in various ceremonies, please remember that serving on a banana leaf is of prominence. There is a clear list followed where and in which region of the banana leaf will be served. Food served on leaves of bananas has a special flavor.

To use the banana leaves successfully, follow these suggestions:

  • Use scissors to cut the banana leaves, depending on your recipe, to the size you like. You will need a large “cloth,” or leaf, to cover and bake food products. Put enough in the center of the leaf for one serving, then fold like a handkerchief to make a square packet.
  • Banana leaf is also useful for steaming, as it allows the steam to reach the food within or above it. You may use the banana leaf to line a steamer or to cover and steam your food.
  • Safe banana leaf “packets” inserted and woven through the skin, with toothpicks. Or just put the “seam-side” packet down to avoid it opening. Seek to cook any chicken, fish or seafood, or other banana leaf meats, and bake them in the oven. First, mix in a little curry paste, then wrap in the leaf (packets in square shape are easiest to make). Protect the packet with toothpicks, or simply place the “seam-side” packet down to prevent it from opening during baking.
  • You should compost the banana leaves when you’re finished using them.

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