Can Vitamin Deficiencies cause chapped lips?

Chapped lips, also known as cheilitis, are a common condition that is characterized by dryness, redness, and lip cracking. Many factors, including cold weather, exposure to the sun, and dehydration, can cause chapped lips. Chapped lips, however, can also be a sign of something more severe like any nutritional deficiencies.

Cracked, broken and even the lips bleeding. No one wants to discuss that. The chapped lips are not only unsightly, but they can also be painful and unpleasant. These are hard to forget when you’ve chapped lips; a persistent bother. Do your chapped lips suggest a vitamin deficiency? If you’re struggling to prevent yourself from licking your dry lips this winter, some essential B-complex vitamins may be missing


Iron is needed for several processes in the body, including oxygen transport, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell formation. This mineral also plays a major role in the regulation of skin hygiene, wound healing, and inflammation.

Zinc Inc.

Zinc is a valuable mineral that is important to your wellbeing. Indeed, a zinc deficiency can impair the health of the skin, digestion, immune function, reproductive health, and growth and development. It can also cause chapped lips on the sides of your mouth, as well as dryness, discomfort, and inflammation.

Vitamins B

B vitamins are a group of eight water-soluble vitamins that are involved in the development of energy and cell function. Animal and test-tube experiments show that tissue repair and wound healing are impaired as well. The chapped lips are a common symptom of deficiencies, especially in folate, riboflavin, and B6 and B12 vitamins.

Many sources of torn lip

Apart from dietary deficiencies, chapped lips can be caused by many other factors.

Environmental conditions such as damage from the sun and cold or windy weather can cause your lips to dry out and get chapped. Dehydration and too much bleeding or picking on your lips are also factors

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