Keto-friendly Drinks

Ketogenic diets are low in carb and high in fat content that helps to lose weight and improve health. It’s trending hot these days!!

How to make keto-friendly diets-

Sugar free diet

Sugar = carbs. Being ultra- conscious generations, we need sugar free drinks in order to avoid extra carbs. We can very well skip the syrups which are loaded with sugar substances.

Opt for heavy cream over regular milk

By eliminating lactose ( natural sugar found in milk) from your drinks. It can lead to minimum carb intake in your body.

Unsweetened milk

Opt for unsweetened milk from your drinks such as coconut or almond milk!! These are lactose free drinks. Extra carbs out!

Technology Advantage

Take technology advantage by using an app by selecting your choice, compare and customize your drinks/carb intake and pick up quickly. It saves a lot of time.

Few drinks which are keto-friendly offered by Starbucks –

Black coffee

Hot or ice – two to five calories per serving. Not enough carbs to get someone off keto diet!


Hot or iced- two ingredients make your Americano tea a keto winner. One can add cream which is flat! That won’t affect your keto diet.

Skinny mocha

Hot or iced – Make sure it is made with unsweetened almond milk. Dont cheat your diet with caramel sauce on it.

Unsweetened tea

Hot or iced- 4 variants of tea made with almond milk and avoid matcha, sugar mixed into the matcha

Chai brewed tea

Hot or iced- make sure you ask for brewed chai versus the stuff they put out of the box and heavy cream would be fine to add in it.

Grilled chicken and cauliflower tabbouleh

It’s a healthy option as carbs are from veggies, but avoid dressing as it is made out of honey

Cheddar moon cheese

It’s fastest pick up sandwich as it is low in carbs and high in protein diet.

Pink drink

Made with unsweetened passion ‘tango’  iced tea. Few sugar free vanilla ice syrup and heavy cream.

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