What happens when you eat papaya seeds?

Papaya is a beloved fruit for both kids and adults. We like it for its delicious flavor and numerous health benefits. Here, we will talk about the papaya seeds which are not only edible but also highly nutritious. Most often we eat the fruit and discard the seeds. These seeds are packed with nutrients and can be extremely beneficial if taken in the right amount.

Benefits of Papaya seeds

  • Papaya seeds are full of antioxidants. They increase the immunity of our body and protect us from chronic diseases like cold and cough.
  • These seeds aid in the digestion process and help in reducing obesity. They are a boon for our heart and as they keep blood pressure in check.
  • They contain many healthy enzymes which kill the bacteria residing in our intestines, stomach and gut keeping them healthy.
  • They also help in reducing the bad cholesterol through oleic acid present in them and aid management of cholesterol level.
  • They are a nice pain killer which eases muscle cramps and pain. They help in relieving menstrual pain if taken during periods by women.

How can you eat papaya seeds?

Always keep in mind to consume the papaya seeds in moderation. It is always better to consult a nutritionist before consuming them. Since the seeds are bitter you may not be able to consume them directly. However, there are ways in which you can consume them in the right amount.

  • You can simply grind them and make a fine powder. You can add it to your shakes and smoothies.
  • You can also consume that powder with honey or jaggery to make it consumable.
  • You can dry the seeds and grind them in a mortar. Once you obtain a rough power then you can sprinkle it on your food like black pepper.
  • You can mix the papaya seeds with other spices and make a flavour rub. You can apply it on steaks, chicken breasts, etc. and have a smoky flavour.

Points to Ponder

Papaya seeds are extremely nutritious and offer a variety of health benefits which also include cancer prevention and kidney protection. However, high intake may cause side effects like decreased fertility and other health problems. These issues can be tackled by consulting a nutritionist before starting their consumption and taking them in a moderate amount as suggested.

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