The Top 20 Biggest Nutrition Myths

Eating nutritional food is the in thing today. However, not everything that we hear from our peers is correct. Let’s top 20 nutritional myths we often come across.

1. Burning more calories than consuming is the easiest way for weight loss.

This is not entirely true and there are other factors like genetics, metabolism, etc, which are also important.

2. High fat foods are not good for health.

Fat is an important part of our diet and if we reduce it too much then it may cause heart disease.

3. Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day.

Research shows that this is not the case and in fact many dieticians advise to skip the breakfast.

4. You need to have frequent small portions of food for good health.

Eating healthy nutritious food is the key for good health not the frequency.

5. White potatoes are not good for health.

While too much of anything can cause harm, but they are excellent sources of potassium, vitamin C and fiber.

6. Protein is not good for health.

It does not affect your bones or kidneys unless you suffer from any ailment.

7. Egg yolks are bad for you.

They are excellent source of protein, fats, etc. and may not be good for only certain individuals.

8. Salt is not good for health.

It is an essential nutrient and only excessive intake is harmful.

9. Dietary supplements are a must for good health.

Supplements can complete a healthy diet but not replace it.

10. Going vegan is the way forward to healthy life.

It is not entire related to diet they take, it is about the lifestyle they follow.

11. Carbs are your enemy number one.

Carbs are not entirely bad for your body and are as important as other nutrients.

12. Fresh food is healthier.

Freshness cannot guarantee that food is nutritious as well; it depends on how it is processed.

13. You should regularly detox your body.

You can have a balanced diet which can detox your boy naturally rather than going for a detox diet.

14. Eating before going to bed makes you fat.

If you can balance your calorie intake then even eating at night will not increase your weight.

15. Whole wheat is essential for balanced diet.

It has nothing to do with white or brown but the genetic composition of wheat which has made it unhealthy for consumption.

16. Coffee is not good for health.

This is not true; it is loaded with several antioxidants and has numerous health benefits. 

17. Juices are good for health.

Juices can be nutritious but relying entirely on them for nutrients is not advisable.

18. Eating raw food is good for digestion.

Human body is deft at making enzymes for digestion and you don’t need to solely rely on raw food for that purpose.

19. Microwaving kills nutrients.

On the contrary, microwave cooking often cooks foods more quickly; it can actually help to minimize nutrient losses.

20. Energy drinks are better than soda drinks.

Energy drinks may boost your energy with vitamins, herbal extracts, amino acids, etc. but their sugar content is very high and is not good for health.

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