What happens to FAT When You Lose Weight?

We gain weight when we consume excess energy in the form of fats and carbs. This energy is stored in our fat cells and can cause health problems if they are preserved for a long time in our body. To lose this extra fat, diet and exercise play a major role. As you start consuming lesser calories than you burn, you begin losing weight. You might be thinking where does this fat goes when you lose weight by jumping, cycling, lifting, and exercising. Here is the answer for you.  

The process of losing fat 

When we indulge in weight loss exercises and activities, we can see the drastic changes in our body mass. That happens because of the shrinkage of fat cells that remain present in our body. The number of these cells does not get affected in the process but their size is certainly reduced which causes the changes in our body structure.

  • When you are in the process of losing weight, the fat in your body breaks down for energy within your fat cells.
  • When it happens the two significant byproducts, carbon dioxide and water, are released from your body. That is what happens to your body fat when you lose weight, they are transformed into carbon dioxide and water. 
  • The fat in us is divided into the proportion into these two elements in which 85% of fat is converted into carbon dioxide that is released through the lungs when we exhale air and the rest 15% comes out as water through our body sweat and urine. 
  • Everything you eat gets into the different parts of your body and turns into these two elements to be released. This is the reason why our breathing speeds up and our body releases too much sweat when we exercise or workout.  
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