The 15 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services in India

People who are fitness freaks are always in search of restaurants and eateries that offer food delivery services. The reason is they want to make healthy choices that do not lack taste and help them stick to their diets.

Here are the 15 best healthy meal delivery services in India that deliver nutritious and savory food at your doorsteps.

  1. Nutritious Nation

Nutritious Nation is a healthy food delivery restaurant that provides nutritious food for everyone. Their chicken-club sandwich and Tuna sandwich is must-have if you ever crave for some healthful and comforting food.   

  1. TLC

TLC offers gourmet food that is as healthy as it is lip-smacking. You can order their multigrain Idli and Salmon cobbler from their large menu and still manage to follow your diet without extra calorie intake. 

  1. Purple Basil

This Bengaluru based food delivery restaurant knows how to make people their fans by delivering the food that is full of fitness and taste. They offer delivery as well as pick up options to their customers.

  1. Healthie

Healthie is a popular food delivery restaurant that delivers healthy and tasty food across various cities in India. Their food has Indian flavors with healthful ingredients that make it the best place to order your food. 

  1. iTiffin

iTiffin is the Bangalore-based cafe where you can find flavor-rich food with high protein. Their meals are designed with balanced proportions of fat and other nutrients.

  1. Eatonomist 

Eatonomist is the one such provider food delivery services that keep the calorie count on check on their delicacies. You can order their healthy and yummy Hyderabadi biryani for a tasteful experience. 

  1. Bombay Salad Co.

If you are choosy about the food and strictly follow healthy diets, Bombay Salad Co. is the place for you. You can order a variety of healthy salads and smoothie whenever you feel like not cooking at home from this Mumbai-based restaurant.

  1. The salad bar & walnut Cafe 

This Cafe, as the name suggests, satisfy your hunger with their quick bites and tasteful desserts. You will find the herbs, veggies, and healthy food with a touch of contemporary flavors in their delicacies.

  1. Yustrength 

Yustrength is a famous food delivery service provider that caters to the valuable clients in Mumbai including celebrities. Their meals are designed as per the precise choice of the customers and planned with transparency.

  1. 8 Food  

8 Food is another popular place to order your meals or evening snacks. Their specialties include Greek Salad and Mexican Burrito Sandwich. Check out the flavors of this place for healthy eating.

  1. Kalchi 

Kalchi is known for preparing nutritious meals to fulfill the needs of its customers for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Their meals are healthy, ready to eat, and have rich Indian flavors that attract foodies who follow a fitness regime.

  1. Lean Chef

The Lean chef is the place to order healthy western breakfast, meals, and desserts. You can order a variety of food like gluten-free and low-carbs chips that are equally healthy and tasty. It offers one of the best healthy food delivery services in Delhi, India.

  1. Tandurust

Tandurust, the Bengaluru based service provider, prepares healthy meals for its customers keeping balanced portions. It takes care of calorie count, low-carbs, and balanced nutrients in their meals that got them some high-profile clients.

  1. Foodgasm

Foodgasm is a healthy and tasty food delivery service provider that started up in Mumbai. You can try their fitness dishes like Quinoa-Biryani and other delicacies for the best experience.

  1. is the diet food delivery service provider in Mumbai. It is a quick fix for your breakfast, healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetable salads that keep your calorie low.

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