Food and Nutrition Tips During Self-Quarantine

tips everyone should follow during self-quarantine

During this time when people are in self-quarantine, everyone’s looking for ways to boost their immune system and overall health. To help you stay fit and healthy, we have prepared a list of food and nutrition tips to follow during self-quarantine.

Here are the tips everyone should follow during self-quarantine

Have fresh food products

Eating fresh and hygienic food is a vital thing during the quarantine as there are foods that have a long shelf life while others can lose their freshness quickly. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are available in the market all the time so try taking them fresh in your day. 

Eat Home-cooked food

Take healthy ingredients and prepare home-cooked meals with them to have in quarantine since this is the time when you can utilize all of your time in building your health. 

Leave bad eating habits

Quit bad eating habits such as too much intake of sugar, salt, and fat that can cause physical problems and increase body fat. Prefer foods that are natural sources of sugar, salt, and healthy fat like fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, etc. 

Eat fibrous food

Fibrous food is healthy for our digestive systems and keeps you full for longer. By eating a lot of fibre, you can skip overeating and keeps your tummy healthy. Foods like vegetables, pulses, whole grains, oats, quinoa, and rice are good sources of fibre.

Take small portions of food

Try taking your food in healthy portions whether it is the children or adults. Eating food in large portions can increase the chances of overeating and lead to indigestion and other health problems. 

Stay hydrated

To keep hydrated during self-quarantine, you must drink lots of water in a day. Also, you can add fruits and vegetables like cucumber, citrus fruits, berries, and lime water to complete your water needs and avoid sour sweetened drinks. 

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